Feasibility Study 413

Storage Vessel Decommissioning
We were asked to find a solution for removing and reclaiming petroleum hydrocarbons from storage vessels located offshore.  Although the exact type of contaminants are unknown, it is assumed that the contents include crude oil, drilling muds, and/or organic materials with seawater.
We have proposed an 80/20 blend of SC-1000 Aqueous Cleaner Concentrate and SC-SuperSolv Safety Solvent at a 2% solution.  The product will be poured into the vessel and allowed to dwell for an extended period of time.  The use of heat or agitation is not practicable, and therefore will not be considered.
Day 1: The contaminants were put into the bottom of the beaker and seawater was poured into the beaker.  Then the blend of SC-1000  and SC-SuperSolv was added at a 2% concentration.
Day 2: Observed the release of micro-emulsion (gases) and a ring of lighter hydrocarbon factions at the top.
Day 14: Observed the continued release of micro-emulsion (gases) with two distinct rings at the top along with a transitional interfacial separation of hydrocarbon.
Day 15: Agitated the solution to observe whether phase separation will occur again.
Day 34: After the solution was agitated it took 4 days for the solution to start separating again. You can see a ring of the light hydrocarbons at the top along with some of the black hydrocarbons.
Day 34: We also observed reflective particles dispersed throughout the solution.  We are not able to determine what the particles are at this time as we do not want to disturb the solution again.