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Worldwide, it is estimated that there are over 150 million people that suffer from all types of allergies. More and more, allergy and asthma sufferers are taking steps to help reduce allergens in their homes. AllerSafe® offers a comprehensive product line to serve your individual needs including:

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We recommend talking with your allergist to customize a plan that's right for you…we hope AllerSafe® Anti-Allergen Products will be part of your plan to reduce allergens in your home.



Product Descriptions:

AS-Dustroy® Anti-Allergen Spray (AA): Works on contact to neutralize protein allergens from dust mite droppings, cats and dogs. AS-Dustroy® may be used on all “water-safe” surfaces including mattresses and box-springs, bed linens, carpeting, rugs, drapery, and upholstered furniture. For best results, apply every 30 – 60 days. Available in 32-oz. spray bottle (12 bottles/case) and 1-gallon refill bottles (4 bottles/case)

AS- Anti-Allergen Additive (EX): May be added to the laundry rinse cycle or added to a carpet cleaning machine for neutralizing protein allergens from dust mite dropping, cats and dogs. Available in16-oz. bottle (24 bottles/case)

AS- Adult Shampoo: Creates a rich lather that cleans and conditions hairs without stripping it. Contains Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera to produce an excellent shampoo without sulfonics, caustics, fragrances, builders, or reagents. Available in16-oz. bottle (24 bottles/case)

AS-All Purpose Cleaner: Based on our most powerful plant-based, non-ionic surfactant technology, ideal for all types for cleaning applications and hard surfaces. Removes most organic soils including food, grease, and oily dirt. Available in 32 oz. spray bottle (12 bottles/case) and 4 oz. concentrate refill bottle (36 bottles/case)

AS-Bath & Body Wash: Neutral pH concentrated body wash contains no dyes or fragrances, caustics, tallow, sulfonics or other toxic ingredients. Provides excellent soil release, is hypoallergenic to skin and includes Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera for moisturizing. Available in 16-oz. bottle (24 bottles/case)

AS- Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo: For water extraction cleaning machines. Simply add to cleaning solution reservoir as required not to exceed 10% of volume. Provides excellent cleaning results from grease, dirt, food, and pets without the use of builders, reagents, sulfonics, phosphates, urea, chlorine or aldehydes. Suggest using for cleaning carpeting before applying AS-Dustroy® Anti-Allergen Spray. Available in16-oz. bottle (24 bottles/case)

AS-Glycerin Bath Bar: A luxurious bath bar that leaves skin feeling silky smooth and thoroughly clean without using harsh caustics or sulfonics, or tallow that can clog pores. Made from vegetable glycerin, Jojoba Oil (Vitamin E), Aloe Vera, and a plant-based non-ionic surfactant. Available in 4 oz. bath bars (24 bars/case)

AS-Hand Dishwashing Liquid: Excellent foaming liquid with improved grease fighting performance without caustics, phenols, terpenes, glycol ethers or traditional reagents. Non-toxic and readily biodegradable. Available in 16-oz. bottle (24 bottles/case)

AS-Laundry Detergent: Concentrated liquid laundry detergent that neutralizes protein allergens while providing excellent cleaning performance. Use as any other concentrated liquid detergent, about 1 - 2 ounces per load. Safe for septic systems. Available in 64-oz. laundry bottle (4 bottles/case)

AS-Laundry Stain Remover: A proven non-ionic surfactant technology for loosening and removing most organic stains including blood, grass, chocolate, marker, grease, oil and fruit juice. Maybe used on all washable fabrics. May also be used as a laundry pre-soak for heavily soiled clothing. Available in 16 oz. bottle (24 bottles/case) and 4 oz. refill concentrate bottle (36 bottles/case)

AS-Liquid Hand Cleaner: Safely removes organic soils including the toughest automotive lubricants, without caustics or toxic solvents. Will not irritate skin and does not contain dyes or fragrances. Available in 16 oz. bottle (24 bottles/case)

AS-Mold & Mildew Cleaner: Effectively cleans mold, mildew and fungus from surfaces inside and outside without harmful bleach or caustics. Safe to use on exterior and interior walls, floors, and any surface that can be cleaned with a water-based product. Will not damage ceramic tile, grout, or canvass material. Available in 16-oz. spray bottle (24 bottles/case)

AS-Shampoo for Dogs & Cats: Mild, pH neutral shampoo that thoroughly cleans pets without the use of harsh sulfonics, caustics, builders or reagents. Does not contain dyes or fragrances that can irritate skin. Available in 16 oz. bottle (24 bottles/case)